Take The Long Way Home...

New or Replacement Snowshoe Bindings

Unwavering perseverance; the spirit of the American Mountain Man™ lives on. Are you tired of replacing your
dry-rotted binding every year? Don’t like wrestling with a mess of straps and frozen buckles? Want your snowshoes to stay straight on your feet? Our Pilgrim™ binding will stay securely in place through a full day of exploring. Pilgrim™ bindings are designed for ease of installation on all makes and models of snowshoes. Wood, metal, or plastic frame; the installation process is quick and easy.


Our hinge and harness are manufactured from our exclusive Certaflex Rs™ synthetic reinforced elastomer. This is a soft and pliable elastomer which will stretch and conform to your footwear without causing premature wear to your favorite hiking boots. This elastomer is abrasion resistant, UV resistant and reinforced with rip-stop technology to extend binding life. The integrated flex-hinge provides excellent torsional control and allows natural movement while reducing tale whip. Corrosion resistant hardware assures your bindings will operate with ease each and every time, year after year. The footpad is manufactured from slip resistant aluminum tread plate and is designed to evenly distribute your weight to the integrated flex hinge.